I came across some young ukulele players while surfing around YouTube for ukulele players, and these 2 young players are definitely worth watching.

First up is young Ryan Imamura. He has also jammed with Jake Shimabukuro before. Here he is, playing Jake’s Me and Shirley T.

Next up is Ryo Natoyama. He is playing an improvised version of Jake’s song named Blue Roses Falling. His video had a lower quality sound, which I feel that it just doesn’t do him any justice!

Both are already playing at professional level! I really hope they make a name for themselves soon. The world needs such talent!

Ryan and Ryo, all the best to the both of you!

  1. I got a cheap Mahalo ukelele just two days ago and I cuoldn’t be more please. I know it’s not as wonderful a sound as a more expensive one, but it’s fine. I wouldn’t live up to a nicer Uke anyway.If I were to have bought one for $50, I’m sure I’d be all serious about it. I MUST set aside practice each day I WILL get good at this, harumph. Then, I would inevitably fail.With my cheapo, uke, I don’t have any expectations. I’ve found that I’ve just been playing and having fun for almost the whole day continuously! I know about 20 chords now, and I know how to play 3 songs. This, to me, is because of the novelty of it. The lack of pressure.And you know what? I sound pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. :p

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