Hi all,

Ralph has offered to let us jam at his place for the next jamming session. His house is located 5 minutes away from Tanah Merah MRT Station. A total of about 17 minutes from City Hall, where we would originally jam at.


Any objections?

Lets’ discuss on a date to meet up then…

  1. Alan, sorry we missed ya. The turn out was encouraging even tho the guys were outnumbered!. Really appreciate Glyn & Simon hosting the group, thanks a heap. Hope to see you soon bro.

  2. Glyn & Simon: Not at all about inviting other people~ We all love to meet more people who share the same love for ukulele playing!

    Hopefully I can make it for the next meeting! So everyone keep in touch for now, and I’ll be looking forward to meeting you all in future.

  3. Hey Alan, such a pity u couldn’t join us. Simon & I were looking forward to meeting u and hearing u play. Yah we’re happy with the turnout. Hope you don’t mind that i invited some people too 😛 Simon will be posting up some videos soon! Keep a lookout everyone!

  4. Hey everyone,

    I just saw the pictures on the Ukulele Movement Facebook, and I’m really surprised at the number of people who turned up. I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to all who came~!

    Then again, my apologies to all that I couldn’t turn up in the end, due to a last minute problem which occured at work. I was at the client’s place until nearly 12am… =(

    Till next time then~

    Take care everyone!

  5. hey Dana, of cos you can meet us there too. I’m sure you’ll not have difficulties recognising either one of us.

    hey Vivian, you could ask your mum to take a look at Ukulabu, and maybe she would be more at ease (:

    YY if there’s any changes do sms me, i’m off to school now!

  6. I’m sorry i meant, look right when u cross the road to WU LING motors. After you get onto Beatty Road, walk straight till you see YICK SENG HARDWARE shop on the ground flr corner unit. We’re just one floor up. Hope this is not too confusing.

  7. Hey guys, it’s more straightforward (though slightly further) to walk from boon keng MRT coz Farrer Park has many exits and u may get lost. After u come out from the MRT station, walk along the length of the big field till u reach the main road. Turn left and cross the road to WU LING Motors. As u’re crossing the road, look towards your left and we’re one lane to the right of WU LING Motors. Call me if you get lost. Alan has my number :)

  8. Oops…Alan….

    Seems like Boon Keng is nearer to the place….maybe u study the map first and advise??

    With your advise, I’ll inform Ralph.

  9. Alan: Ralph will be coming BUT still he needs a ukulele to play with. I have arranged with him to meet us at Farrer MRT say 7pm..Ok with you?

    Celine: Hope you recover as I really miss u if u are not there….BTW, I may be travelling from Sengkang to Farrer so maybe I can meet u up first….

  10. Celine: Hope you get well soon, buy some eye drops and use it (Not those moisturizing type, but the ones that are meant for sore eyes. I remember they come in very small bottles, and works like magic.) Hope to see you come to the meeting~

    Wongyy: I should be stopping at Boon Keng or Farrer Park and walking there as well. Maybe we can meet up.

    BUT I’ll be late though, I only end work at 630pm.

    PS: Can someone ask Ralph if he’s coming?

  11. i think im alighting at farrer park or boon keng mrt, then walk there.
    oh yah, i have something swollen at my eyelid and if it’s still not better or pain/uncomfortable, i might have to give this meeting a miss. but it’s better now as compared to this morning, so hopefully hopefully hopefully it does go away tomorrow. let’s just assume im going, if not i’ll sms Alan :)

  12. wow…so many beginner like me….

    this fri is exciting manz

    I will bring song book and also camera

    BTW, anybody meeting up to go to the place?? Cos i am another blur blur…

  13. Vivian: Welcome~ I received your facebook invitation, and have added you as well. Hope you get your ukulele soon~ Perhaps you would like to join us on Friday evening? (that’s tomorrow). All are welcome~

    Looking forward to meeting and hearing from you soon.. Take care!

    Glyn and Simon: No problem… See you all on Friday evening~

  14. Hey Alan

    I just saw the comments!! Thanks for co-ordinating and even taking calls for pple who get lost :) you can direct some to me no probs 😛

    Glad to see so many response :) i’m also looking forward to learn from everyone!

  15. Hi there! I’m very interested and fascinated in the Ukulele and have decided to get one sometime soon. I also somehow stumbled upon this site while researching on ukuleles in singapore. haha. hopefully i can contact and join all of you once i get started. =)

  16. Hi all,

    Here’s another uke newbie, I m keen to join u all this fri…anyone going from raffles pl AIA area? who may i contact should i b lost? need to bring my own uke? hehe :)tks

  17. Celine: I haven’t been playing much as well.. Being sick and busy with work. Haven’t updated much content here as well. But I’m all recovered now. Hopefully the workload clears…

    See you on Friday.
    Take care~

    Before I forget, can you all bring your song books which we used during the last jamming session? They will come in handy for us practice-rusty folks~ Something to reference on. Many thanks~

  18. hello!
    i think i should be able to make it.
    but i haven’t been practicing much, quite rusty already.
    Alan, is your number the same as the one you gave me on msn quite a while ago?

  19. Kenny and Ong: Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all~

    Vippy: No worries, its okay if you bring a friend or not. You may contact me if you get lost. I will email my contact number to you. Cheers~

  20. Hi everyone,

    I’m game. This would be my first jam session. Hope it’s okay that I’m a beginner ukulele player- hoping to learn more from everyone.

    Is it okay if I bring a friend? She’s visiting from Hong Kong (Singaporean though) and I wanted to meet up with her on Friday night. Let me know if can do.


  21. Hi all,

    Will you all be able to make it to Glyn’s place on Friday evening (16 January)? Lets say 7pm…

    I’ve emailed you all as well, you can reply via email or comment here~

    Hope to hear from you all soon,

  22. Hi guys,
    We are pleased to open up our home office for your next jamming session if you guys don’t mind. At the same time you can also have a try out at the Kala ukuleles :)

    Once again, we’re located at 20A Beatty Road. That’s at Little India. If you know where the Kerrisdale condominium or Sinda Indian School are, we’re just next to it.

    Click here for details.

    Alan has also kindly posted directions on how to get there under ‘NEWS’. Check it out.

    Let us know when is good for everyone. Perhaps next week?

  23. Hi Gyln & Simon: Glad to hear that there’s Kala ukuleles being brought into Singapore! Thanks for notifying! I’m really excited as I foresee that the ukulele community will expand very soon, at least within Singapore~

  24. Hey guys, glad to stumble upon this blogsite! It’s a great start to a ukulele community in SG/MAL.

    You’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve brought in a batch of ukuleles from Kala in various woods and sizes for retail. They’ve just arrived so we’d like to invite you guys to come by and have a look & strum. Maybe you’ll find THE one that you’ve been looking for :)

    As we’re now operating from our home office, please email us at glynchan@gmail.com before you come by. We’re located near Little India.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Well, seems like not really a good time to gather after all because of the holidays and clebrations. Perhaps in Jan-09?

    Anyway, Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas everyone. In the meantime, don’t let too much dust gather on your ukes.

  26. No problem for me Ralph…will see if there is another suggestion to have a place to gather again…

    So Ralph you have a Christmas Gathering after all with your family and not be home alone… :)

  27. Hi everyone,

    Sad to say, that there is a possibility that I might not be able to make it for the 3rd meeting session. My schedule’s pretty packed till end of the year. I will confirm this again.

    But if worse comes to worse, you guys can still meet up, and tell me all about it, plus send me the pictures / videos. I’ll post it up here then…

  28. Great! Thanks very much Ralph. Much appreciated. You provide dinner also? (heeheeheehee)

    Alan, as for the date I guess it really depends on when you’re returning to KL. Why don’t you suggest when its best for you.

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