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Ukulabu Meeting in Singapore Confirmation

Hi all,

It is confirmed that we are meeting in Peninsular Plaza on Friday, 14th of November 2008, 7pm. Kenny has booked the studio at 7pm. Dinner will be quite rushed, due to the time accommodation. After dinner, we’ll jam and have fun till 9pm. The studio is only available till that time.

On behalf of everyone, I’d like to really thank Kenny for booking the studio and for his generosity of letting us use his ukuleles. I myself didn’t bring back my ukulele due to too much luggage load from KL. Kenny has offered to bring 3 of his ukuleles. So once again, thank you very much!

So far it’s Kenny, Shermin and me, who has confirmed the meeting. I am still awaiting Ralph’s email. Any of you who wish to join in, can do so as well! Just drop a comment in here~

See you all soon!

5 thoughts on “Ukulabu Meeting in Singapore Confirmation

  1. Shermin: Good luck with your studies!

  2. thanks to all who were there that day, i’ve learned a lot! till the next time we meet, i’ll be strumming(and studying) hard. =D

  3. Alan et al, I enjoy the meeting very much. Besides playig the uke, I enjoyed the warmth of friendship. Great bunch. I look forward to the next opportunity to gather and have even more fun. Hopefully more can join in then. Also thanks for sending the photos at lightning speed. Much appreciated.
    Ralph, thanks for the songs and chords. I’m sure it will help expand my repetoire.

  4. wow…

    You people really enjoyed yesterday and the jamming session sounds exciting. Is a pity i cant join you guys….

    Perhaps if there is another one, do include me in the loop, I will try to make it the next session.

  5. Kenny, Shermin, Ralph, Michael: The meeting was great! I certainly had fun meeting you all and having a jam session, even though we didn’t prepare anything before hand.

    Looking forward to our next meet up…
    For now, take care, and keep strumming~

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