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Hi everyone,
I think that having a seperate page for casual chat messages would be better, instead of posting comments within the ‘Annoucements: Looking for Ukulele Players’ entry. Let’s just post in here instead~!

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  1. Hi guys 🙂 I have a question as I want to start playing uke. Are there any short people playing concert sized ukuleles? Like 155 cm in height? I read that short people should play sopran ukes but I prefer concert ukes’ sound. Could you tell me if It’d be really that hard to play on a concert size?

  2. Hi Uke Sheng,

    I’ve sent you an email. Hope that helps!

    – Alan

  3. Hi everybody,
    any uke teacher in KL? i am keen to take lesson. if you are uke teacher please email me at

  4. Hey guys! So I looked up some ukes, and just thought I’d share over here incase anyone else could use the info. But there are infact Makala Tenors available at Ukulele Movement (Currently out of stock, new shipment in March) for exactly 150$ with a gig bag for said uke.

    I’ve decided to save up some more money and go for a good Uke so I won’t have to replace it anytime soon. Looking at 500-550$ so I should be good. Thanks though!

  5. @Achint : I think it might be difficult to find a Tenor sized ukulele at around 150. You can try visiting the guitar shops at Peninsular Plaza in Cityhall. Also, you can visit for a large range of ukuleles.

  6. Hi guys!
    My name’s Achint and I’m a student currently based in Singapore.

    I’ve been a guitarist for the past couple of years and I mainly use it to accompany myself while singing. Looking around youtube, I find there’s a certain charm that the Uke has that a guitar just can’t emulate and so I wanted to buy a budget Ukulele, albeit a good one what with my limited income and everything.
    I just wanted to know if anyone knew any stores around here that could sell me a uke for about SG$ 50 – 150, which would be my budgetary constraint given my limited income each month. Also if it helps, I’ve done a bit of background work, and I really like the Tenor uke and would love to own one. Any suggestions? =D

  7. Hello. Im new to this Ukulele movement. I find it as an interesting instrument. I would very much like to try and play it. But first of all, how much does one ukelele cost? For a beginner like me. Please reply asap. Email me please. Cos, i want to buy it like end of the month. hehe.

  8. Hi, I would like to know where can I buy a moderate range Ukulele here in Malaysia. Maybe Makala brand or any brand that suit my budget will do. My budget around RM200. It is hard to find here in Kota Kinabalu. Maybe someone can point me up a website (Singapore base should also be fine). Didn’t mind to pay for the shipping too.


    i find these 2 version of uke acoustic real awesome. anyone know what type of uke they are? please tell me. thank you!

  10. wow…came across this site by chance and good to see there are interested UKE players here in Malaysia. Bought a ukulele in Hawaii this summer and planned to learn it but my 14yr old daughter took a keen interest and has taught herself from youtube and plays a couple songs quite well now. Looking for a support group of fellow uke players here in KL. Checked with YAMAHA music school for uke instruction and the guy said ” its only 4 strings, nothing much to learn, can’t do much on the ukulele!”. Guess he’s never heard JAKE S…oh well, hope to hear back from you all.

  11. John, an alternative is to make a short trip to Singapore. I can play host and show you to the various shops that carry the instrument. Ukulele Movement has the widest range here. Look for their web reference in this site.

  12. Hey people,
    I am student living in KL. I’ve been (unsuccessfully) hunting for a decent uke like a hungry animal for almost 2 years now. Been down to every music store and a couple that do carry ukes..stock only that flimsy as ‘toy’ brand, Mahalo…..almost at the point where I am pulling my hair out. I am hoping you guys are less ignorant than the people I’ve spoken to and possibly point me towards a shop that sells proper ‘instruments’. It would mean ALOT!! There’s just ‘so’ many “I have no idea…Lah”s I can take….haha (I might come off as desperate, it’s because..I am!)


  13. Hi,

    I’m looking for ukulele players to perform for events. I’m not too sure if this is the right place but do drop me a mail at if you are keen 🙂

    Thanks alot!

  14. Alan, sorry for the late reply… There are a few places one can purchase an ukulele. Unfortunately, they only sell brands that I’m not too excited about. I currently own a UK50 Samich Greg Bennett uke. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one of the K ukes someday. It’s not a very popular instrument here … a real underdog. Not many people take uke players seriously.

    Hey, you’ve got my email addy. How about you get in touch with me via email.


  15. Hi Dylan,

    Are there shops which sell ukuleles there in Sarawak?

  16. Hi, I’m a uke player from Sarawak. It’s a lonely place for a uke player to be. I can’t seem to find anyone else into ukes here.

  17. hi ken,
    it’s nice to know you.

    i wouldn’t worry too much. it’ll make room for satria to get a “better” uke if the aquila ripped off the mahalo bridge. haha!

    isn’t the ukulele suppose to be bright and cheerful instument? anyway, i will not discuss if the sound of a particular string brand is bright or warm… it’s subjective.


  18. Jimmy, I’m from Singapore.

    BTW Aquilas may match some brand of ukes but may be too bright for some esp the sopranos.
    The tension is higher than most brands and may even rip the bridge off some weaker constructions.

  19. hmmm… orait… thanks for the info Jimmy…

    owhhh yaa… Kala!! i’ve seen that on Ukulele Movement page tho… they also got Aquila strings for sale too… hmm.. i should try it out then…

    okay Jimmy, thanks a lot…

    Happy Uke’ing!!!! 😀

  20. not all the “k” brands are expensive… only the famous three; kamaka, kanilea and koaloha.

    kala is very affordable. the nearest place you can get one is s’pore. but i think ebay is cheaper tho’.

    give aquila a try. many has done that with thier mahalos in the usa.

  21. ahhh… the “K” brand always be expensive huh?? hehe… well, now i know…

    btw, my uke right now is only worth RM50 Mahalo though… i think it would be the same if i change the strings to Aquila…

    but then… i plan to buy another uke for myself… i still confused… is there any soprano with more than 12 frets??? or maybe i should buy tenor instead of soprano??? hmmm…

  22. “k”amaka together with other 2 “k” brands are some of the best production ukes. obviously, they will not be chreep.

  23. it’s a small price to pay to find out if aquila works… 🙂

  24. why not??? :/ i know, it’s expensive huh??? hehe

    Aquila… hmmm… i’ve heard about it somewhere else… well, even in my cheap uke can make a differents, when i used Aquila strings???

  25. satria,
    my advise – do NOT research! ha ha…

    i heard that strings can improve the sound. try aquila. they are available online easily.

  26. owhhh cool… thanks a lot Alan… Kamaka huh?? hmmm… i will do research for that…

    Well basically, i didn’t understand between the soprano and tenor and also baritone… which one i should used… in my thoughts, i would like to buy more frets ukulele… because the one i had right now is just 12 frets… seems i can’t learn more with the one i had…

    Hope to do a jam session with you all oneday..

    Happy Uke’ing!!! 😀

  27. Jimmy: Kenneth’s from Singapore. Penang’s a nice place, especially the food~

    Satria: Welcome to You may post questions here, and ask for opinions from others. Kenneth is very experienced. You can ask him for recommendations.

    As for me, I’m sticking to Kamaka… Cause I like the sound~

    Hope you get your new uke soon.

  28. hello,

    i’m Satria from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah…

    anyway, it’s been a while when the first time i buy a cheap uke Mahalo worth RM50 at small music shop at Kuala Lumpur… hehe… yea i know… it is for the kids one… i plan to buy a better ukulele next time… but still in research what should i buy…

    but then, i’ve been playing for every single day for the past 6 months already… and i always bring my uke everwhere i go to educate people, “this is not a toy guitar!!!”… hehe..

    but still i’m searching for any ukulele club or ukulele group here in Malaysia so that i can learn and change opinion on this ukulele thingy…

    i’m glad i’ve found this site… kuddos to the operator though.. 🙂

  29. i might be traveling to penang sometime in august. meetup with dennis to play a few songs and some penang laksa would be neat.

  30. where is kenny from?

  31. Kenneth: Meeting up is an excellent idea, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it any time soon (for at least 2 months), because I am going to Brunei on 29th June, for a business trip. Perhaps you can try organise with the rest, while I join you guys when I get back…

    Jimmy: No worries. I will pass your email (the one you used here), to them. I’ll keep Kenneth in the loop too.

    Keep on strumming everyone!

  32. Hey Alan & Jimmy, there’s Dennis from Penang. You may want to check with him and have an additonal player when you start.
    Alan, remember when we first started to meet there were only 4 of us. Now I am starting to see folks here carrying ukes over the weekend although not as many as those with guitars. Another thought is to meet halfway, like Malacca? Meet one Sat, stay overnite and return Sun? Would be really nich huh?

  33. yes… build up uke awareness and hopefully a community in KL/ Malaysia.
    maybe you could send them my email to start something?

  34. Jimmy :

    So far its just you.. And another 2 more visitors in this site, namely Tomz and Tzuaan…
    Haven’t met up with them yet.. I’ve got their email though.. You have anything in mind?

  35. alan,
    do you know any uke players from KL?

  36. Hey Jimmy,

    Most of the visitors here, are from Singapore. There’s a growing ukulele community there. Unfortunately, we do not have any jam sessions in KL as yet.

    Perhaps you would like to come to Singapore for a holiday, and meet up with the rest?

  37. hi alan and all,
    do you guys get together to jam in KL?

  38. Hi Sam

    Personally I like Koa wood. And I also prefer D’Addario strings, as compared to the Aquilas, which are strung onto the ukes at UkuleleMovement. I find Aquilas too bright sounding for my liking.

    Try the Kalas. They are quite affordable, and also some of the tenors’ design are nice.

    Hope you find a uke soon~ Good luck~

  39. Hi all, I’m all new to ukuleles too but have attend few lessons. Am a guitar player so managed to pick up most chords quite quickly 😉 planning to get a tenor uke from the uke movement shop. Any recommendations on the brand and wood?

  40. hey Nadja Dee,

    i’m not so familiar with power pop. but you could check out the artist, Dent May. he plays uke on a few (or most) of his tracks, like You Can’t Force A Dance Party and i think the other song is Meet Me in the Garden.

    Hellogoodbye has some uke songs but unfortunately i cant recall them at the moment, sorry about that.

    hope that helps (:

  41. Hi people! I am a ukulele player and lover of all things uke.
    I am making a ukulele mix tape, with the following guidelines.
    I want power pop songs by musicians where the main instrument in the song is ukulele. I’m not so much looking for cover songs, but original songs played on uke.
    **Although there are some cover songs that make the cut.

    Here’s some examples:
    1.BETWEEN THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA** (As performed by George Harrison)
    3.SCARLET TIDE (Elvis Costello)
    4.BLUE, RED AND GREY (Pete Townshend/The Who)
    5.SOON FORGET (Pearl Jam)
    6.SUMMER RAINS (The Ditty Bops)
    7.UNDER THE JAMAICA MOON (Tiny Volcano)
    8.A HAND TO HOLD (The Goldbergs)
    9.MOTHER OF PEARL (Nellie McKay)
    10.I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS** (Joe Brown)
    11.UKULELE LADY** (Kermit The Frog)
    12.SOMETHING** (Paul McCartney)
    13.OVER THE RAINBOW/WONDERFUL WORLD**(Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole)
    14.GRAMAPHONE (Amy Correia)
    15.PARADISE (Neil Finn)
    16.CRAZY TUESDAY (Dhani Harrison/thenewno2)

    Considering these songs:
    GNOME (Rachel Trachtenburg)
    WILD HOGS (William H. Macy)
    TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME (Steve Martin/Bernadette Peters)
    WILD THING (Kermit The Frog)
    FREE AS A BIRD-Just the ending (The Beatles)
    THE COWBOY SONG Tom Hanks (Joe Versus The Volcano)

    Can anyone recommend any other good songs for this mix?

    Thank You,
    Nadja Dee

  42. Hey Dennis, you should check out the Ukulele Movement that Alan recomends. They have a wide range of Kala ukes. Better to buy a decent uke and enjoy.

  43. Alan,
    Thanks for your notification..i’m very interested in this kind of events..But I’m afraid that time i’m not able to go Singapore to attend the event.Moreover i don’t know how much will it cost to buy a ukulele..
    As you know i’m from Malaysia..there’s a lot of thing need to consider..if u can let me know the price range,then i can plan it earlier..

  44. Dennis: The Samick doesn’t seem like a tenor from what I can find in Google.

    As for strings, the low G would use a thicker string than the high G tuning. May I suggest you try out with a High G tuning first? I personally started out this way…

    If you could wait till May, James Hill is coming to Singapore for 3 events. You can check out the events from

    At the same time, you can meet up with the folks from ukulelemovement in Singapore. They will be selling Kala ukuleles, which you can check out their stock from

  45. HI Alan,
    You’re right..i’m a guitar player..recently i just found out there are so much fun with this little i decide to get one n learn..
    So which tenor ukulele can i conseider?(Please let me know the price too)just now you said there is high n low G for the 4th string..So is’t need to use different string?
    Anyway,i already searched all the shops in Penang..But they didnt have any..I saw one in KL..the brand is Samick is’t soprano?
    I dont think i will buy it online.It’s seem to be very risky n i cant test it.I surely goin to regret if i bought the wrong one..
    waiting for your news..Thx.. (“,)

  46. Dennis:

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Which part of Malaysia are you from?

    And which size of ukulele are you looking for? And whats your budget?

    The market for ukuleles in Malaysia is really small, that most music instruments shops don’t carry a single ukulele.

    If you are from Johor, I suggest that you purchase it from Singapore. If not, you can try buying online…

  47. Greetings,

    I’m from Malaysia and I’m very keen to start the ukulele. Was hoping to look for a budget tenor ukulele, any Malaysian out there able to help on which store should visit? I’m from Petaling Jaya. All replies are very much appreciated, Cheers.

    *ps sorry, i post wrongly at another comment page*

  48. i’m dennis..frm Malaysia..i will like to purchase a ukulele..can anyone tell me where can i get it?thx..

  49. Thanks bro. Will chech these out.

  50. Hi Kenny,

    There are currently 2 programs which I know of. One of them is Guitar-pro. Another one is PowerTab. I’d recommend PowerTab, since its free for use. You need to purchase guitar pro to use it.

  51. Alan, which software would you recomend for creating Tabs? Thanks.

  52. Happy Niu Year

  53. To those that celebrate, Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi!
    To those who don’t, well, Happy Holidays!

  54. Hey Richard, thats great to hear, that there are 2 jam sessions every month~ I’ll notify the rest. Thanks!

  55. Hi Guys,
    My name’s Richard. I have been playing the Guitar and the Ukulele,off and on, for 5 decades now! I used to teach the 4-string Guitar(not 6-string)and the Uke,and busk in London when I was a student there. I now teach the Ukulele full-time at the Scouts HQ Bishan when I have a group of 10-15. I also conduct the free fortnight uke-jam session on the 2nd and 4th WEDS each month, 7 to 9pm at The Den, Ground Flr, Scouts HQ Bishan (8 mins walk from MRT). None on the 28 Jan CNY but next one is 11 Feb.
    Do drop by with your pre-tuned GCEA ukes and have fun singing Oldies! All sizes and makes are played there incl Hawaiian Koa ones.

  56. Happy New Year to you all too~!

  57. Happy Uke Year everyone:)

  58. hey, it’s been a long time since i last commented on ukulabu. and i’m rather, ok quite slow in finding this chat page.

    alright, exams are over for me and i’ll be having a 3 week holiday! but sadly i wouldn’t be able to make it for the jamming session this fri. ><

    how i got to know the uke?
    go youtube and check out the youtuber ‘Jaaaaaaa’. she’s a singer/songwritter who is entertaining and witty, and she plays the uke. that’s how i got to know about the uke.=D

  59. Kei: Konbanwa~

    Haha, what I meant earlier was ‘if you were physically in Singapore or not….’ Since you are, you can try call 6259 2858, and ask if they still are conducting lessons.


  60. Thanks! but,I’m from Japan and staying in Singapore. Are there any options to have a ukulele lesson?

  61. Hi Kei, are you from Singapore?
    If you are, you can sign up for lessons at The Ukulele Beginner’s Class at The Den of the Scouts HQ Bishan

    The contact number is 6259 2858. You can enquire for more details from there. Good luck!

  62. Hi!I’m looking for the ukulele classes for beginners. I wanna try to play the ukulele, but haven’t played the kind of guitars yet.
    I’m a really really beginner!

  63. Niel: Hi, welcome to the site!

    Its sad to say that I have not seen a shop that sells a single ukulele around in KL so far. I do not know of any local online websites which sell as well. I guess you will need to surf into overseas sites. You can check out Its a website from one of the visitors in my site, and the people from the site gives good service. Check it out…

    Let me know if you need anymore references.

  64. hi! i’m a newbie in ukulele. i want to know if there’s an online store here in malaysia that sells ukulele. i’m based here in ft labuan.


  65. Celine: ‘5 Years Time’ is a nice song! The arrangement consists of several other instruments. Maybe we can each take one, and we can try jam it on our next meeting!

    Beirut’s style sounds very foreign to me… But is nice too!

    We should get Ralph to sing like him. Haha..

  66. Tzuann, have not heard from you for some time. What have you been up to on the Cordoba?

  67. I just realised this was here!

    Okay… let’s start with introductions? Or what made you pick up the ukulele?? Ah that’s interesting. I’m very curious to find out (:

    Okay I’ll start the ball rolling.

    I’m Celine and I’m still very young but then again, maybe I’m old… I don’t know la. hahha. Don’t feel like revealing my age cos you can trace back in future and all, but I just started uni this year. So okay, you can roughly gauge (:

    Contrary to popular belief, I never watched Jake’s famous video and then decided I want to play the uke. In fact I only found out about him after I read up more on the instrument. What made me notice the uke was the music video of “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale. What I meant was that some music that I listen to (eg, Beirut, Jens Lekman, etc) had always involved the uke but it was often overshadowed by the other arrangements in the songs. I know an instrument like the uke existed, but never did realise it could produce something that I eventually would be excited about.

    So when I saw the music video, it won me over. hahaha maybe partially it’s because the song makes me really happy when I listen to it, so I kind of associate ukes to happiness. LOL okay.. that was just a guess.

    But yeah, yada yada.. and now when I listen to Beirut I begin to appreciate the use of the uke in the songs. And sometimes when I listen to my playlist, I’ll be like, EH that’s a ukulele.

    I reallllllly need to get a uke soon cos I can’t wait to play them. Now, I might come across as an amateur that treats the uke like a toy, and just wanting to play pop songs on it haha. But I absolutely do not treat ukes as toys and don’t like them to be treated as mini-guitars either. So yep, I do have quite abit of respect for the instrument. And I hope to explore Iz’s songs someday.

    Okay too much words make for difficult reading…. I apologise! So I’ll just stop here 🙂

    PS: if you’re interested,
    Noah and the Whale:
    “5 Years Time” –

    Beirut: (might not be to everyone’s liking)
    “The Penalty” –
    “Postcards from Italy” –

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