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Annoucement: Travel back to Singapore (10th – 14th November)

Hi everyone,

I presume that everyone is coincidentially busy, like what Kenny said. It so happens that I am required to work from the 10th till 14th of November in Singapore. I’d like to take this rare chance to meet up with the guys and gals from Singapore, who have supported this site so far.

Let us discuss and try to agree on a good day and time (preferably after 7pm, unless its the weekend of that week)..

The itenary? Dinner, chit chat, photo-taking sessions and ukulele playing. I don’t know if there’s a place whereby we can have food and play around there at the same time (won’t wanna disturb others)… I’m up for suggestions~!

Appreciate everyone’s response.

Take care~

6 thoughts on “Annoucement: Travel back to Singapore (10th – 14th November)

  1. Kenny: Looks like a very good buy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Celine, getting your priorities right is most important. Do well in your studies.

    Others: I was at Kovan Hougang this evening. There was a stall selling music-related trinkets; miniature instruments mounted on musical box mechanisms, necklaces, keyrings, etc. Guess what else they had? A soprano uke. The finish is mohagony. The price suggests its laminate. I tuned it, gave it a go and was surprised at how easy it tunes, how light it felt in my hands and how loud it was. Really nice. Best of all it is priced at $35!!! I would recomend this over all the other entry models I’ve tried. I also found out that you can get this uke (no label) at Sonare Music, Compass Point at Sengkang. I suggest anyone wanting to buy their first uke to try this one before deciding.

  3. Celine: Hey Celine, no worries. We can always meet up some other time when I come back. Probably in December, as one of my buddy’s getting married. I’ll post the pictures/videos here, once I get them processed.

    You study hard, and get those good grades.

    Keep in touch!

  4. hi Alan and Kenny. As I had told Alan on msn yesterday (or two days ago?), I might not be able to find time because my semester exams are really nearing. stressful times! 🙁
    But I do hope you both, and perhaps a couple of others, do enjoy yourselves.
    Pleeease take photos and blog about it here yeah!
    My apologies for not being able to meet up with you guys.

  5. Kenny: Hey Kenny, thanks for the quick response! I’ll call you again next week when I’m in Singapore.

    I also hope to meet up with the rest~

    To the others: Hope you all respond soon!

  6. Hey Alan, good to know you’ll be visiting next week. I’m game for the weekdays, any day but Fri would be best – no work the next day. We can have simple makan and then head for Guitar77 studio. Will you be staying over the weekend too? If so, we can also go to Guitar Gallery – great place to try out some really high end guitars. They also have 1 Santa Cruz uke, very nice solid AAA grade Koa (if not yet sold). I can also show you around. Looking forward. I will send you my contact number. I hope others can join also and give you a Singapore welcome.

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