The past few tabs that I have created, are rather unknown songs to many out there. They are more like my personal tabs. So, in order to change things a bit, I have decided to tab out a popular pop song by Jay Chou (周杰伦), entitled Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding (蒲公英的约定). It’s off his album named Wo Hen Mang (我很忙). The song is in C Major scale.

I ran a quick search on Google and YouTube for “Jay Chou Ukulele”, and didn’t find anything directly related. So ‘I think’ this is the first ukulele tab for a Jay Chou song~! =D

This tab is complete from start to end. As all songs, there are repeats around. Feel free to improvise the strumming/plucking of notes. Play around with note dynamics, to give the song some feel. It’s best if we all got creative and try to create something different… Something that you personally like, and hopefully others will like it too!

As usual, if you have problems with any part of the song, drop me a comment/email. You may download the tab and MIDI at the Tabs Section.

Enjoy the tab.


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