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New Ukulele Shop in Singapore!

For those of you who would like to try out some new ukuleles within Singapore (apart from Maestro from Esplanade and Peninsula Plaza), you’re in luck! Our latest visitor, Glyn & Simon, are from The Ukulele Music Co. Ukulele Movement and they have opened a shop which carries Kala ukuleles!

Well done Glyn & Simon!

They are located in Little India. Their address are as follows:

38, Dunlop Street,

Check out their website at too!

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Annoucement: Travel back to Singapore (10th – 14th November)

Hi everyone,

I presume that everyone is coincidentially busy, like what Kenny said. It so happens that I am required to work from the 10th till 14th of November in Singapore. I’d like to take this rare chance to meet up with the guys and gals from Singapore, who have supported this site so far.

Let us discuss and try to agree on a good day and time (preferably after 7pm, unless its the weekend of that week)..

The itenary? Dinner, chit chat, photo-taking sessions and ukulele playing. I don’t know if there’s a place whereby we can have food and play around there at the same time (won’t wanna disturb others)… I’m up for suggestions~!

Appreciate everyone’s response.

Take care~

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Annoucement: Looking for Ukulele Mates

To any ukulele players out there in Singapore / Malaysia…

Thank you for visiting!

If you happen to read this, please drop me an email or comment, so that we can keep in contact. For those of you who are new to ukuleles, you may also ask any questions, to which I will answer and help out to the best I can.

Once again, thank you.. Take care, and hope to chat with you all soon~