My goodness, its been 10 days since I last updated anything here.
Time certainly flies, as I’ve been rather busy with work itself.

Anyway, for those of you who have checked out the Ichigo Ichie Live 2007 post earlier, there is this song entitled サボテ ンの花, which translates to ‘Saboten No Hana‘. I first came across this song in this particular YouTube video. It cause my attention and I started figuring out how to play it, by watching the video over and over again. The song is actually off a Japanese Dorama Under The Same Roof. The artist is named TULIP.

So here it is, my recording of the song. This time, I tried using back my normal mic used for MSN video call chats. Distance wise, I was about half a meter away from the mic. Mixed it with SONAR’s reverb, without any compression this time. The recording is much softer, but I kinda liked it.

I appreciate any feedback from anyone~


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