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Jake Shimabukuro – Touch

Hi people,

I’ve decided not to upload video this time around. Instead, I’m trying to do some audio recording.
Here’s a recording of Jake’s Touch. I like this song a lot, but somehow I can’t seem to play it gently enough like he does.

Life’s full of challenges, ain’t it?

And here’s the recording clip:
I recorded it on my digital camera, extracted the audio and added some reverb and compression to it from SONAR.

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I was surfing YouTube the few days back and I stumbled across a Japanese guy with the nickname artkazu8, who has various musicians’ live performance videos in his upload list. And Jake was one of them!

The concert name was ジェイク シマブクロ /一期一会 ICHIGO ICHIE LIVE 2007. This is after quite some time, whereby I have seen Jake play life with a full band behind him.

I could recognise a few songs, such as First Love by Utada Hikaru and サボテ ンの花 (I first saw him play this song on a Japanese live morning show on YouTube).

Take some time to watch the videos of the concert below. (Thanks artkazu8~!)


First Love

ロビン ソン

I Love You

Sweet Memories

見上げ てごらん夜の星

さよな ら


オリビ アを聞きながら

卒業写 真

時の過 ぎゆくままに

サボテ ンの花

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Jake Shimabukuro’s Fanclub Package

I recently received my Jake Shimabukuro fan club package!

I signed up with the fan club (JKLUB) on 8th August 2008, and the staff were busy with trying to get ready the packages for mass sending out to those who’ve signed up. Hence, the slight delay.

Here are the goodies~ (except for the Gently Weeps CD… I bought that.)

The current fanclub’s T-shirt has ran out of M sizes. If I chose to want the current T-shirt design, I would have to wait for the next batch. So I chose to take a M sized T-shirt of an old design of JKLUB. The staff were kind enough to compensated me with a JKLUB hand towel.

The package includes a DVD, containing a message from Jake himself, as part of the fan club member greeting. Also, there is a Gently Weeps CD poster, with a Thank You message and autographed by Jake. Finally, there is an ID card, stating the date of signing up with JKLUB.

Cool stuff! My only disappointment was that the poster was rather creased, due to the handling of the package by the local postman. I guess I’ll just have to make do~

If you wish to sign up for Jake’s fan club, you may do so at

Peace, Love and Ukulele

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Jake’s New Album – YEAH

Jake has recently released a new album entitled “YEAH” in Japan!

The album tracks are as follows:

1. My Dream
2. Variation on a Dance
3. Bach Part-Two Invention No.4 in Dm
4. Piano-Forte
6. Sunset With You
7. Trapped
8. Five Dollars Unleaded
9. Don’t Break Your Heart
10. Ichigo Ichie
11. Everything Is Better With You
12. Fula girl 2008
13. My Dream -instrumental-

There seem to be some errors in the spellings of the tracks, when I view it from I’ll leave it as it is, until I get my copy of the album to verify.

The album can be purchased at this link.

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Annoucement: Looking for Ukulele Mates

To any ukulele players out there in Singapore / Malaysia…

Thank you for visiting!

If you happen to read this, please drop me an email or comment, so that we can keep in contact. For those of you who are new to ukuleles, you may also ask any questions, to which I will answer and help out to the best I can.

Once again, thank you.. Take care, and hope to chat with you all soon~