I’d like to post a small shoutout to everyone~

I was playing my ukulele when I suddenly thought of the next Ukulabu meeting (I can’t wait to see everyone and other new folks too). The next thing which came to my mind was the jam session. It’ll be a good idea if we could start planning for the jam session, as in what songs we are going to play.

All in favour? I came across this song from Dominator’s site, and I hope we can jam to it. Dominator has got tabs for it as well. You can download it here. Although I have not gone through his tab, but I feel the rhythm of the songs should be quite manageable. There are lead parts and solos as well. I can take on those parts.

Here’s the video of the song. Do let me know how you all feel about it. Lyrics can be obtained here:



Please feel free to suggest any songs which you all wish to include in the next jam session.

  1. Ground floor is at the same level as the main road.

    Guitar77 studio is at the basement of Excelsior shopping centre, same area as Maestro. It is directly under the escalator leading to Hill St. Their sticker is prominently displayed on the door. You won’t miss it.

  2. I’m fine with christmas songs and almost any Beatles songs.

    Oh, I think I’m asking a silly question haha but ground floor is the basement right?

  3. Thanks for inform Kenny….

    I may be late as my work place is quite a distance from City so maybe if I am late, i just have to find my way…

  4. wow….so excited…able to meet you guys tis friday if there is not sudden things that i need to attend to…then i can learn as much from the expert cos I still at the strumming of simple stage and I am still having my Mahalo uke (shake head).

    BTW, I have printed out some songs from the net will be bringing along….songs includ christian, christmas and some pop…..

  5. You know, I am fine with every song. I hope, I can make it. But unfortunately, I stil don’t have a working ukulele. Would be great, if Kenny can bring one along for me.

    Kenny, I love your ukuleles! They are just wonderful. Beautiful and nice to play.

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