Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting some small responses from various sources (emails, friends, comments on the site..) about beginner ukulele, how to get started, where to get lessons etc….

There’s only so much that I can help out with ‘where to get lessons’, as I have limited contacts for ukulele lessons in Singapore. So I’ve decided to post some content with relation to ‘Ukulele for Beginners’. This way, beginners can learn the basics from this site, before venturing off further.

So lets start off with tuning the ukulele.

Musical Notes:

Standard ukulele tuning is tuned to a High G Tuning. This means that the notes from the 4th string till the first string, is G C E A respectively, with the G note being a higher note than the rest (Thanks Richard, for pointing that out) with the A note being the highest note. There are basically 2 ways to tune your ukulele. One is by ear (with reference notes of course) and the other is by using a tuner. You may tune your ukulele by ear by referencing notes from this website. They have a good ukulele tuner online. For a physical tuner, you may purchase one from your nearby musical instruments shop.

Just for your reference, this is the one I personally use. You only need to clip it onto your ukulele headstock, and pluck the strings while tuning accordingly.

Once you have your ukulele in tune, you are ready for some ukulele playing~!

Stay tuned for the next lesson~

  1. Ahhh…Richard…thats my teacher BUT i am not a Pri 4 nor retirees/hsewife….. Life is tough for me, have to work…..But with the skill of ukulele, I am able to brighten my life!!


  2. Hi Alan
    My name is Richard Chong. I teach the Ukulele
    full-time at the Scouts HQ Bishan. So far, I have taught over 1,000 students in Singapore
    mostly Pri 4 girls. I am now getting more Seniors incl housewives and retirees taking the 2hrly 3-lesson Beginners Ukulele Course which prepares them to jam at the fortnight uke jamming at the HQ, 7-9pm. By the way, the highest note on the GCEA tuning is the first A string, not G 4th string, at which one starts tuning downwards. You can reach me at 9389-3090 anytime. God Bless!

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