Hi all,

If any of you want to ask any questions / request for beginner lessons etc etc, just feel free to drop a comment in this post. I am thinking of adding a ‘Uke Lessons’ page in this site, to teach beginners, as well as cater to questions related to playing. I can record some videos and post it on YouTube, and showcase in here.

Of course, you can also ask about any other questions, like ‘what strings to use/recommend’ etc etc etc….


Hope to hear from you all soon.

– Alan Soo

  1. Hey, if you’d be willing to post a lesson or e-mail me some tabs for Jake Shimabukuro’s blue roses falling it’d be greatly appreciated.

    -Thanks, Brandon.

  2. Yup I got contact for beginner lesson for ukulele….

    Ukulele Beginners Class will commence on a Fri once 12 and 15 people is formed.
    Course Fee is $170 (incl the pre-tuned soprano Ukulele, bag, Electronic Tuner, Plectrum, Holder,Strap and course material) Course is 2hrs/lesson x 3 lessons, 7 – 9pm.
    Venue : The Den, Scouts HQ Bishan (10 mins walk from Bishan MRT and Bus Interchange).

    i will search for the contact and will be posting it here once i found it.

  3. Jaclyn, I saw a flyer recetly where the old Bt Timah fire station has been conveted into an arts/music center for the very young. Ukulele is taught there. I believe it is by the same guy teaching at the YMCA at Orchard. If I remember, the cost is like $160 or $180 for 4 lessons with a uke thrown in. Suggest you check out the YMCA first.

  4. Jaclyn: Welcome to ukulabu.com!

    I could post up some lessons here if you don’t mind. But do you have any music background? I was a guitar player before I played the ukulele… I can probably come up with the lesson plan from there.

    As for purchasing ukuleles, you can try looking around Peninsular Shopping Complex at City Hall. There’s a Maestro shop there. Prices between SGD80 – 300, if not mistaken… Besides their house brand they now stock Stagg ukes at S$50. These are standard, very colourful and great for beginners.

    Address as follows:
    Maestro Concept Store

    5 Coleman Street, #B1-30, Excelsior Shopping Center, S(179805)

    Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 12pm – 7:30pm, Sun, 1pm – 6pm.

    Tel/Fax: +65 6337 8687

    Check it out~


  5. Hello, I’m extremely interested in taking up the ukulele but I have yet to find a teacher in Singapore and am unsure where to purchase a uke, do you mind helping me out?

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