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Jam Session on 28th Feb 2009

In conjunction with visitors of, Ukulele Movement in Singapore will be holding a jam session on Saturday, 28th February 2009 at 7pm.

In addition to a huge group jamming and sing-along session, this is also a great chance to meet up with new ukulele players, meeting an ukulele teacher from Singapore, watching individual player performances, as well as a possibility of buying a new Kala ukulele, which will be sold at the event location.

So grab your ukulele and head down to the event location on the day itself. You may click on the link below to get details on how to get to the event location.

CLICK HERE for details to event location.

Looking forward to see you all there~!

2 thoughts on “Jam Session on 28th Feb 2009

  1. Tian: Hi! Welcome to my site. Let us know when you are back, hope to meet up with you then~ Meanwhile, take care, and keep strumming~

  2. I wish I could be there! Unfortunately I’ll be abroad for awhile.

    By the way Ukulele Movement has now launched their website at:

    I think uke groups is the way to go. It’s less commitment than joining a band, and every bit as fun. It’s much more fun than a book group. There’s something intrinsically bonding and satisfying in communal music-making.

    Glad you had fun!

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