Hi people,

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently, but will still try my best to keep this site updated.

Still working on other transcriptions at the moment, so for today, I’ve decided to put in a recording my myself, playing Jake Shimabukuro’s Me and Shirley T. This was my first Jake song learnt. In the midst of my excitement, I even posted up a YouTube video of myself playing it, quite some time ago. At that time, I spent a few days learning it. My guitar background certainly helped me in the process of learning the song. You can watch it below:

Now when I look back at it, it’s quite sloppy at some parts.

As for now, here is my latest audio recording. Jake’s Me and Shirley T.


  1. My favorite Beirut song along with Elephant Gun, and an ecenllxet job on the chords. My only question is how he gets his strings to sound that way when he plays them. Whenever I play, especially on the C and eC chords, the open strings sound so low and sort of drown out the higher tones. Should I only be playing certain strings, or is it the strings and tuning that he uses?

  2. Kenny,

    Thanks for the get well message. I didn’t add any effects to the song. Just some default reverb from the software I’m using.

    Looking forward to posting your recordings too!

  3. Very nice Alan, even tho I’m not familiar with the tune. Your updated version sounds like you played thru an amp with a phase shifter (no electric player so I don’t really know the term)?. But nicely done all the same. Get well soon.

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