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I’d like to introduce under an Ukulabu shoutout, an amazing guitar player, whom I’ve only got to know who he is today…. His name is Tommy Emmanuel from Australia. I was doing the usual surfing around YouTube, and I came across this great jam involving Jake Shimabukuro and Tommy Emmanuel. They were playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Jake was awesome, and Tommy totally matched his awesome-ness!

This is the first time I saw Tommy play, and I have to say, that when I was still playing guitar back in the past, I liked to play songs to which you can be like a “one man show” kinda thing. The ability to play the melody, backup and percussion, (while using only one instrument) always facinates me.

To better explain what I mean, check out Tommy’s video on the song Angelina:

Amazing isn’t it?
Do check out Tommy’s official website here.

  1. These guys are in the league of their own. Don’t know if you’re aware Tommy made a couple of visits to Singapore. Caught one of his act at the Victoria Concert Hall late last year. Fantastic player. First heard him on “Figerpickers rule the world” recorded with Chet Atkins some years back. Also you may want to check our Roger Wang. He’s from Sabah but I understand he hangs out in KL a lot. Caught him in a clinic at City Music last year. Great player, nice guy. Also plays like Chet and has a similar set up as Tommy. Has a couple of CDs. You must check this guy out.

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