I’ve been doing some small research on how to amplify my ukuleles, and I came across this YouTube video which teaches a step by step installation of the saddle pickup.

It didn’t seem that hard, but I don’t have the necessary tools to perform the job. For your info, Kamaka uses Fishman pickups on their ukuleles. Both passive and active. You can check out Fishman products here.

  1. Hey Kenny!

    Thanks for the contact!
    I was actually thinking of going over to Hawaii next year for holiday, and bring my Kamaka over to the Kamaka factory to get them to fix the pickup. This holiday plan is still pending though, hopefully it comes through next year!

    Many thanks for the advice!

  2. Whoooaaa!!! leave your Kamaka alone man. Even the guy in the vid, skilled as he looked, worked on a Kala. If you must, pls work on one of those entry models for kids that would’nt hurt even if you have trash it later. At least you would have gained experience and still retrieve the pickup. If you must electify you Kamaka, suggest you look for a luthier. There’s one in KL, Edward Hiew, who built me a triple-O about a year ago. Mine was his first commision. Did a pretty neat job with my ax. Should you decide, you can reach him on his HP at +60122842830. Say Hi for me if you do talk to him pls. Tks.

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