Here is a beautiful song written by Jake Shimabukuro, and it’s entitled Blue Roses Falling. I tried recording this in the living room of my apartment, and it sounds slightly different from recording within my small bedroom.



For those of you who have done recording before, I have a questions for you all. Somehow I feel that when I use my finger nail to strum the strings, it gives this very hard attack sound, which gets recorded into the mic as well, and it is very obvious in all my recordings. Anyone knows how to get around this? Regardless of whether its a playing technique/recording equipment/sound engineering issue, I’m all ears!

Thanks in advanced~

  1. Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it on my next recording~

    As for Bruce, I don’t know much, but I do know he’s great with the acoustic guitar on some of Jake’s songs. I’ve seen some videos, eg: Time After Time. Bruce’s got a CD entitled ‘Bits & Pieces’. Basically he sings for all tracks. He sings much more than Jake (I have not heard Jake sing before).

    You can check out his CD at You can also hear samples of the tracks.

  2. Alan, just listened to Blue Roses. Another song well done despite the recording glithes. I know next to nothing about recording techniques. It could well be the mic type, distance between mic and uke, etc. How about using one of those sponge hoods for the mic or even a filter the type vocalists use to prevent “popping”? Maybe even a soft cloth over the mic might do the trick? Anyway, well done. I think you also inspired the birdie to sing background!

    BTW what do you think of Jake’s brother, Bruce? Know much about his works?

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