Ukulabu’s 3rd meeting session took place at ‘The Ukulele Music Co.’ on Friday, 16th of January 2009, and it was a huge success. The members from and The Ukulele Music Co. came together for a night of fun ukulele strumming and learning~!

Although I was unable to make it to the meeting session, due to last minute work commitments, I do feel a sense of accomplishment, as I see that Singapore is slowly showing signs of having an ukulele community. And with the help from the friendly folks at ‘The Ukulele Music Co.’, I’m sure the community has a great future ahead, and will continue to grow~!

With that, I will end this blog entry with some pictures of the event. You may view the other pictures on Facebook by clicking here. For videos, click here. Pictures from Glyn and Simon, from ‘The Ukulele Music Co.’

After Chinese New Year, I will be going back to Kuala Lumpur, and probably won’t be able to take part in any meetings in Singapore for quite some time. However, I will try to make time and come back. Hope to see you all soon! Take care everyone!

 – Alan Soo


  1. Hey stumble upon your website. really like to learn how to play the uke. am intrigued by the guy at the back with 2 hands raised. do you which model is that and is it sold here in KL?

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