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Blog: Our First Meeting

Hi everyone!

Here’s the official blog post of our first meeting, which took place on Friday, 14th November 2008. Once again, I can’t thank everyone enough for taking time off to come to this meeting. Now, I’d like to introduce the people who attended the group meeting!



As for details on the meeting, read on~

We met up at Peninsula Shopping Center at around 7:30pm. Ralph and Shermin reached early, while Kenny and I were stuck in the ‘rather bad after work hours’ traffic. Nevertheless, we were not that hungry, and decided to have food after the jam session.

It has been years since I last stepped into a jam studio, the feeling of having a drumset, 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp and the microphone just brought me back to my old days, when I was in a band and jamming away. But hey! This is different now. It’s the very first time I entered the studio with not one, but many ukuleles, as well as people who play it!

Most excellent~!

We didn’t plan anything before hand, and we ran out of ideas of what to do within a short period of time. Being an ukulele player myself, I didn’t really play much ‘strum and sing’ songs…. Shermin was quite a new player… In the end, it was Ralph who saved the day! He started recalling songs from his song book and with just a few chords, we were able to jam songs such as ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, as well as other Beatles songs. Ralph is also a good singer, and we had a good laugh when he started playing ‘Rock Around the Clock’, one of Elvis Presley’s rock songs. Very soon, we were back on track and having more fun!

Very soon, it came to 9pm, and we had to leave the studio. Ralph and Michael had to go elsewhere to pick someone up. Kenny, Shermin and I wanted to go for some food. So we all exchanged contact numbers and bid each other goodbye. We also agreed to meet up next time!

All in all, we all had fun. New friendship, bonded together with music and ukuleles!


I’d like to end this post with 2 seperate group pictures, taken inside the studio. As for videos, I will post them up, as soon as I get them from Ralph. So stay tuned~


3 thoughts on “Blog: Our First Meeting

  1. glad to see so many happy faces!

  2. Wongyy: Probably in December… Will post here again when there is another meeting! Stay tuned~

  3. wa….

    seeing you people really makes my excited.

    When having another meeting????

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