Hi everyone,

It is confirmed again that I am required to work in the Singapore office once again next week (8th – 14th December). If possible, we can have another Ukulabu meeting!

Hope to hear from you all!
It’s been really quiet recently…

  1. Wa, Kenny

    SGD300+ uke, really wanted to go down and see manz…..BUT weekdays kind of difficult as workplace is so far away from town….

  2. I am posting this on behalf of Ralph.

    He is inviting all to go to his house to have a next Jam Session.

    Location: 17mins from City Hall & 5mins from Tahan Merah MRT

    Date: TBC
    Time: TBC

    So, are we going to have a 3rd jam?

  3. It was a lot of fun for me too. I also like the much larger studio of G77. Soooo looking forward to the next gathering. Will be bringing two Pinapple sopranos, in case anyone’s interested in trying these out.

    New subject: I visited City Music today. They have lots of goodies at reduced prices. There is a Martin SO-Uke for sale at SGD310. This is a good buy. I paid SGD475 early last year. Comes with a gig bag too. Check it out!

  4. I enjoyed myself very very much….

    BTW, I am searching some now songs to play next time eg “The lion Sleep Tonight”…..

    Thanks again for the wonderful time!

  5. Kenny, Celine, wongyy, Ralph: The 2nd Ukulabu meeting was great. I hope everyone had fun and learnt some new songs and stuff.

    Celine and wongyy: It was great meeting you all. Hope to see you both again soon!

    Thank you all so much for coming!

    Take care everyone, and good night.

  6. Hi all,

    I am back in JB now. I brought along my Kamaka ukulele as well. Weather’s been kinda wet, but it’s okay since it’s Christmas season, and it doesn’t snow here. So we’ve got to make do with the rain… haha

    Kenny, thanks for booking the room. I’ll see you all on Friday~

  7. Kenny: Friday sound like a good idea. I’ll try to bring my uke along as well… Let me confirm my schedule and I’ll email the rest as well….

    celine: Looking forward to meeting you too~

  8. Alan, I hope they don’t make you work on 8th because its a public holiday. Can we meet Fri 12th, say 7-ish? I will try to “chop” the Guitar77 studio. Its much larger than the last one (Jade).

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